America’s Priciest ZIP Codes

Daily Real Estate News | Thursday, October 20, 2011

The priciest ZIP code in the country boasts a median home price of more than $4.5 million, according to a new list by Forbes that tracked home prices of more than 20,000 ZIP codes nationwide to determine the most expensive areas.

Appraiser Jonathan Miller, chief executive of New York’s Miller Samuel, told Forbes that he’s seen an increase in listings that fall under the luxury bracket this year. “It’s not that we’re seeing prices rise, it’s that we’re seeing more activity,” Miller told Forbes. Compared to 2010 figures, the median home prices in 500 of the most expensive ZIP codes dropped slightly by 2 percent.

Here are the five priciest ZIP codes in the country, according to Forbes.

1. Alpine, N.J.: 07620 

Median home price: $4,550,000

2. Atherton, Calif.: 94027

Median home price: $4,295,000

3. Sagaponack, N.Y.: 11962 

Median home price: $3,595,000

4. Hillsborough, Calif.: 94010

Median home price: $3,499,000

5. Beverly Hills, Calif.: 90210

Median home price: $3,469,891

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Source: “Where You Aren’t: Most Expensive ZIP Codes,” Forbes (Oct. 19, 2011)

Comment from Bob Karp of Karp Properties LLC:  With the median home price in our zip codes, 85650, 85635, 85615  all under $200,000 – you realize that the rich are indeed different than you and I.  Certainly the most “famous” zip code on the list above is the Beverly Hills location.  I used to live only a few minutes from there, but it was certainly a completely different world.