Get Personal-Belonging Inventory Records Up-to-Date

When home owners lose everything in a disaster, they assume their home insurance will cover everything lost. But without documenting all your belongings, you may never recover all of your losses, experts note. As a recent article at AOL Real Estate notes “a claim is only as strong as the inventory list.”

As such, good record-keeping is critical. A basic pen-and-paper list stored in a safe deposit box can suffice. The list should include everything from bedsheets to clothes to furniture. However, if a home is destroyed, the pen-and-paper list may be destroyed too.

Some Web sites are popping up to help home owners create an inventory record-keeping list that can be stored on remote servers and accessed from anywhere. One Web site,, allows home owners to upload room photos and then tag furniture and belongings. You can then create an inventory spreadsheet from all of the tags and enter values or other notes on items.

From Realtor® Magazine

Source: “Tag Your Home Photos for Better Insurance Claims,” AOL Real Estate (May 27, 2011)

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