Road Rage in Real Estate?

Daily Real Estate News | Monday, August 26, 2013

Disputes over $150 ceiling fans, curtains, or a dusty chandelier may seem trivial when negotiating a home sale, but some real estate professionals say such squabbles have actually cost them deals.

“It’s the real estate version of road rage,” Paula Del Nunzio of Brown Harris Stevens told The New York Times.

What’s really at play here over these disputes? Is it really about the great desire to have that ceiling fan or curtains?

“Sellers are wary of having parted too cheaply with a profound investment, their residence. Buyers are leery of having paid too dearly and often are already punch-drunk from the trauma of the financial frisking endured” from going through the mortgage applications and process of purchasing the home, The New York Times reports.

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Commentary by Bob Karp of Karp Properties LLC:  Yes this can actually happen!  Most agents have had similar experiences.  An experienced agent should help avoid these problems by making it very clear in the listing agreement and the purchase contract exactly what conveys with the property.  In the case of “unusual” fixtures or personal property that might appear to be a fixture, expressly list it as not conveying with the property.  In Sierra Vista most Realtors use the Arizona Association of Realtors standard forms which have sections to list property that does not convey.