5 Inspection Problems Buyers Shouldn’t Ignore

Daily Real Estate News | Thursday, August 22, 2013

Home buyers need to be extra vigilant about inspections in the early stages of a purchase because if problems are discovered too late in the process, it can “dash home owners’ dreams and budgets,” writes Yahoo! Finance in a recent article.

One home buyer in Long Island, N.Y., explains in the story that she didn’t discover the fixer-upper she bought needed $225,000 in repairs until after she purchased it.

Jonathan and Drew Scott, who educate viewers about transforming fixer-uppers on HGTV’s “Property Brothers,” offers up a checklist of five things buyers should look for to ensure they don’t buy a lemon.

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Commentary from Bob Karp of Karp Properties LLC:  I happen to really enjoy the “Property Brothers”, find them on HGTV and enjoy their show.  I agree with their check list, but always, always remember get an inspection prior to purchase of any property, even a fixer-upper sold “as is”.  Pay the money and get a reputable inspector suggested from a list provided by your Realtor.  Be there during the inspection and ask questions!  In Sierra Vista we have a large number of good inspectors, and our professional real estate community will help you get the best possible information before you close.