New Homes Cost Less to Maintain

April 2, 2013

The National Association of Home Builders says its new study shows that home buyers can buy a more expensive, newer house and still have the same operating costs as owning an older existing home. NAHB examined data from the Census Bureau and Department of Housing and Urban Development’s 2011 American Housing Survey to determine how utility, maintenance, property tax, and insurance costs vary depending on the age of a home.

Houses built prior to 1960 have average maintenance costs of $564 per year. On the other hand, homes built after 2008 have average maintenance costs less than half that — $241, according to the study.

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Commentary from Bob Karp, Karp Properties LLC:  Newer homes generally use better construction techniques than those built 50 years ago.  (There are always exceptions.)  Right now new homes in the Sierra Vista and Hereford Arizona area are a bargain.  There are several great subdivisions being built that offer a wide range of price points in new construction.  Contact our office for more information about price and features for homes at Summit Heights, Kings Ranch, and Holiday.